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Code of Conduct

All of our employees, including our Principal Executive Officer, Senior Financial Officers and other executive officers, and our Board of Directors, are required to comply with SAIC's Code of Conduct, which describes our standards for protecting SAIC and customer assets, fostering a safe and healthy work environment, dealing fairly with customers and others, conducting international business properly, reporting misconduct and protecting employees from retaliation. This code forms the foundation of our corporate policies and procedures designed to promote ethical behavior in all aspects of our business.

Ethics at SAIC 

SAIC is committed to the highest standards of business ethics. This commitment is clearly established in its Code of Conduct and through its Core Values. These statements dedicate SAIC to high ethical standards in the achievement of its corporate goal of delivering superior performance to our customers. The twin principles of quality and ethics have been the foundation of SAIC's success for over 45 years.

All employees are responsible for behaving ethically and following our Code of Conduct and four Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Mission Understanding
  • Empowerment
  • Creativity

SAIC provides at least eight different channels through which employees can seek assistance or disclose ethical or compliance concerns. These include all levels of management and Human Resources, the Ethics Staff, the anonymous and confidential Ethics online or phone Hotline submission, the Chief Ethics Officer, the General Counsel, the CEO, individual directors or the entire Board of Directors. Employees are encouraged to use any of these channels at any time. No matter which channel is used, each concern is taken seriously and thoroughly reviewed and investigated in accordance with our procedures.  SAIC has a zero tolerance policy against retaliation for reporting concerns.  These policies, our Code of Conduct, and our Core Values are reinforced through continuous training and engagement programs.

Through its broad range of activities, SAIC strives to strengthen its reputation for upholding the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct. By continually refreshing and reinforcing its ethics and compliance program, SAIC is meeting the challenge of preserving our core values as we work to grow our business.