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Corporate Governance Documents

The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of strong corporate governance as a means of addressing the various needs of the Company’s stockholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders. To help facilitate strong corporate governance and reinforce the Company’s commitment to ethics and compliance, the Board of Directors has adopted corporate governance guidelines and a Code of Conduct which, together with the Company’s certificate of incorporation, bylaws, committee charters and other key governance practices and policies, provide the framework for the Company’s corporate governance.

  • The Board recognizes the importance of the Company observing good corporate governance practices and has adopted the following corporate governance guidelines to evidence that commitment. It also recognizes that good governance is an ongoing and active endeavor and not a static one-time exercise. As a result, the following guidelines are subject to annual review by the Board of Directors to determine whether they continue to promote the best interests of the Company and its stockholders and

  • The Bylaws of SAIC provide a framework for the operation and management of the Company and address such topics as shareholder meetings, officer election and duties, and the election, meetings and operation of the Board of Directors and its committees. A copy is available below for viewing and downloading.

    application/pdf iconSAIC Bylaws (216.14 KB)
  • SAIC’s certificate of incorporation is the document that establishes SAIC as a separate legal entity and defines key aspects of SAIC’s corporate existence, including its capital structure, important stockholder rights, certain Board matters and other issues.

    The Certificate of Incorporation of Science Applications International Corporation is available for viewing and downloading below